What To Do When Working Harder Doesn’t Work

In today’s economy, and the economy of the future, it is not enough to work harder — or smarter.

What’s needed is being willing to serve more. And to fail* more (*to imagine, design, create, make excellent but not perfect, ship v. 1.0,  gather feed-forward, improve . . . and ship v. 2.0, and so on, and so on . . . ).

What I’ve seen from so many people working harder is burn-out, ill-health, neglect of family and Self, lack of planning and financial disarray. And sadly, some people working smarter these days are merely more self-involved, manipulative and “me-first.”

We need more people looking for real problems to solve, and offering customer-centric solutions. More people digging in to figure out what their true talents and purpose are, and finding ways to deploy them, in service of something larger than themselves. More people looking at how we’re using resources and developing better, and more sustainable, methods. More people looking at how we treat each other, and helping us do better.

The beauty of the above is that they are Win/Win. Both the individual and society benefit from (actually) useful solutions.

What are you yearning to do? Where do your talents, interests and passions align with actual needs and problems? The marketplace is indeed global, and the Long Tail means there are markets for many more things than before, and more opportunities for everyone.

Get inspired. Get clear. Get started.

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