Are You Floating, or Improving?

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. – Winston Churchill

We often think we have the right strategy, usually because it isn’t creating something painful or terrible, but don’t regularly examine our results.

It’s a form of floating through life that’s really just avoiding pain.

Sure, we make some plans and set a general direction; i.e. we make basic decisions about where we want to live, getting married, have children and what sort of work to do (generally… ), but it is the rare person who regularly sits down and asks:

“What do I want? Now? Given what I’ve done and learned, what do I want my life to be about over the next six months, year and five years?”

Once you ask yourself those questions you can then be the sort of person who examines their results against your clear and authentic goals.

Then you’ll have beautiful strategy, and better and better results – because you’re paying attention to both.

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