Stress. Confusion. Long hours at work. So much to do, so little time.

Earn more money. Advancement and promotions. Wanting to spend time with the people who matter. Missing out on the moments.

What’s the solution? Is there a solution? Yes. There’s a way out.

I help mid-career men to eliminate confusion and stress so they can earn more money and have more time for what matters.

Really, I help my clients to live and work well.

How does one live and work well?

It’s a question that intrigues me, challenges me and inspires me.

* * *

In my years of reading, study, contemplation and coaching I have found it comes down to just a few things, perhaps the most important being: the willingness and ability to be in the present moment, have a clear sense of what the next right step is and have the confidence and energy to do the next right thing.

Yes, there’s a lot to that, but in many ways it’s simple.

The truth is that creating “that” as our default state is possible. Quite possible actually.

I know this because the truth – the difficult-to-face-truth – is that being “busy” or “stressed” or whatever is a created state. Our default state, our basic “come from,” is the product of our choices, non-choices, rituals and habits.

* * *

Let’s break down what goes into the resourceful default state I offer above.

First, one needs to be present. More than anything presence comes from physical and emotional self-regulation. Presence is a choice one makes (or doesn’t make) over and over and over again. I help my clients find out whats in the way of willingness and ability to be present.

Next, is a clear sense of the “right” next step. This knowing comes from a clear and complete sense of where one is headed – today, this week, this quarter, this year and ultimately, one’s Legacy. Knowing where you headed comes from a comprehensive, authentic, iterative and flexible Life Plan. Helping people create that sort of Life Plan is one of my favorite things I do with clients.

Third, one must have the confidence and energy to actually take the next action. Confidence comes from a healthy self-concept, belief in one’s abilities and possessing the necessary skills. Energy is a multi-faceted thing that requires generative habits and rituals in the four key domains: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. And, yup, I help my clients with all this.

* * *

I open by saying living well is simple. And it is: just do the next, right thing, in each moment.

But there’s a lot to it. I guide my clients through everything they need to create a truly rewarding and satisfying life.

If you’ve read this far, you want more from life. You want to take charge of yourself and where you’re headed.

The next step is a free Learning Session. Coaching isn’t for everyone and I’m not the coach for everyone. Let’s talk and see if there’s a fit.

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