To Live and Work Well is Truly the Greatest Satisfaction

How does one live and work well?

It’s a question that intrigues me, challenges me and inspires me.

* * *

In my years of reading, study, contemplation and coaching I have found it comes down to just a few things, perhaps the most important being: the willingness and ability to be in the present moment, have a clear sense of what the next right step is and have the confidence and energy to do the next right thing.

Yes, there’s a lot to that, but in many ways it’s simple.

The truth is that creating “that” as our default state is possible. Quite possible actually.

I know this because the truth – the difficult-to-face-truth – is that being “busy” or “stressed” or whatever is a created state. Our default state, our basic “come from,” is the product of our choices, non-choices, rituals and habits.

* * *

Let’s break down what goes into the resourceful default state I offer above.

First, one needs to be present. More than anything presence comes from physical and emotional self-regulation. Presence is a choice one makes (or doesn’t make) over and over and over again. I help my clients find out whats in the way of willingness and ability to be present.

Next, is a clear sense of the “right” next step. This knowing comes from a clear and complete sense of where one is headed – today, this week, this quarter, this year and ultimately, one’s Legacy. Knowing where you headed comes from a comprehensive, authentic, iterative and flexible Life Plan. Helping people create that sort of Life Plan is one of my favorite things I do with clients.

Third, one must have the confidence and energy to actually take the next action. Confidence comes from a healthy self-concept, belief in one’s abilities and possessing the necessary skills. Energy is a multi-faceted thing that requires generative habits and rituals in the four key domains: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. And, yup, I help my clients with all this.

* * *

I open by saying living well is simple. And it is: just do the next, right thing, in each moment.

But there’s a lot to it. I guide my clients through everything they need to create a truly rewarding and satisfying life.

If you’ve read this far, you want more from life. You want to take charge of yourself and where you’re headed.

The next step is a free Learning Session. Coaching isn’t for everyone and I’m not the coach for everyone. Let’s talk and see if there’s a fit.

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