I Help Professionals in their 40s and 50s to be Money-Confident Now and Secure in Retirement


Money, especially, saving and investing for retirement can be confusing and frustrating — there’s so much to understand and sort out.

A lot of folks turn to financial advisors . . . especially those that offer free consultations.

Three problems (there’s more . . . ) with the vast majority of financial advisors:

  1. they don’t help with deal with the most important parts of personal finance and being (truly) ready for retirement (clarity, confidence and habits),
  2. most of them are just salesmen, trying to sell you low-quality and/or unnecessary products and services,
  3. they continue to charge you 1% (sometimes more) year-after-year, well after they’ve created your (boiler-plate) financial plan.

As a Midlife Money Coach my only agenda is helping you understand yourself and your money — and grow both, sustainably. Together, we will 1) clarify what you truly want, 2) uncover and solve what’s in your way and 3) make your money work (for you).

If you’re ready to optimize your relationship to money and create real clarity and confidence around money, let’s have a 30-minute (no-charge) coaching session — click here to schedule your free coaching session now.