There’s Always A Lesson, and A Blessing

Recently I was watching the Tavis Smiley show and he mentioned to a guest something his grandmother used to say: “There’s a lesson and blessing in everything.”

Now, of course, the lesson can be hard to see (and accept) sometimes, and is usually more evident later, but the blessing can be almost impossible to see (at any point).

But it’s there.

It just is.

It can take time to see it, or accept it, but even if the blessing is just that you’re wiser for a particular experience, it’s still something valuable – but you must be willing to seek it, and see it.

*  *  *

Don’t believe it?

I was on Facebook today and a friend posted a link to the following video.

[Did ya watch it?]

Well, if Tommy Iommi can find some benefit in losing a couple finger-tips in an industrial accident, then . . . .

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