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Stagnation > Transformation > Evolution

I’m in the Transformation Story business – to go from where you are to who you want to be. I help my clients to create transformations in their lives. In Life we’re in one of three modes: Stagnation, Transformation or Evolution. Stagnation is where most people are. They’re

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Default vs Intentional

Default. Habitual. Less-than-fully-Conscious. Routine. Comfortable. The Usual. So much of what we do is out of habit. It’s routine. It’s just the way we do it. There’s good reason for how this happens and why. We’re built to create and use routines and habits. It’s efficient.

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Are You In The Cheap Seats of Life?

Imagine life is a concert. Where’s your seat? Are you in the middle of the lower level, about 30 or so rows back (one of the best places to hear music)? Or are you way back? In one of the last rows, tucked in the corner?

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Understanding The Brain & Mind – A Five-Layer Model

How we use our brain and mind is fundamental to our experience of  life. Both our day-to-day experience and our overall level of achievement and fulfillment are directly tied to how we think and feel. And how we use our brain and mind is how

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Is There a Hole in My Soul?

The problem isn’t that I (or any of us . . . ) have a hole in my soul (large, small or tiny), it’s that I’ve created, and nurtured, a belief that I have a hole in my soul (along with the idea that souls

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