And > But > Period :: One Way To Upgrade Your Conversations

So many people mean well. They want to be kind. They want some things to be different. Many people use affirmation and “but” in trying to make things different (/better). They something like: “I really like you and our relationship, but I need you to stop/start doing X.” That’s problematic in that it’s kind of …

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Default vs Intentional

Default. Habitual. Less-than-fully-Conscious. Routine. Comfortable. The Usual. So much of what we do is out of habit. It’s routine. It’s just the way we do it. There’s good reason for how this happens and why. We’re built to create and use routines and habits. It’s efficient. It leaves room to focus on threats and survival. It’s primitive. …

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Curate Your Desires

Is desire some thing beyond our control, or even influence? Something that arises from the ether of its own accord shrouded in mystery? It’s fair to say that we understand the need to create plans to make our desires real – that we need to be intentional and deliberate in order to make what we want …

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