Why Coaching Works

At the risk of shameless self-promotion, here is a post on why coaching is a powerful way to create authentic and lasting change:

Who you hang out with matters. (The right coach is a wonderful person to “hang out” with once a week or so, and will challenge you to upgrade your associations if necessary.)

What you think matters. (The right coach will listen carefully to the thoughts and beliefs underneath what you say and question what you assume.)

What you can’t see matters. (The right coach will help you see your blind spots, assumptions and hidden/limiting beliefs.)

What you do matters. (The right coach will look at your actions and results and help you see the connections, or challenge you to see the connections.)

What you’re willing to try matters. (The right coach will ask you to try new things, to experiment, and to risk failing; so you can learn and grow.)

What you’re willing to stop matters. (The right coach will ask you to consider the range of your behaviors and find things you must stop doing to have what you want.)

The support you get matters. (The right coach will support you in taking risks and celebrate your achievements, large and small (just to name a couple ways coaches support clients).)

The accountability you have matters. (The right coach will hold you accountable for your promises (although it is ultimately up to you to either do or not do).)

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