The Futility of Wishing

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Let’s get clear on a few terms: wishing, wanting, hoping and desiring, planning and intending.

They are all thoughts.

Thoughts in your head that create emotions in your body.

These emotions either create in-action or action (read on and I bet you can guess which group produces which… ).


Wishing is a thought that something, perhaps something in particular, would be nice.

Wanting is a thought that something would be nice, or is missing, and if given the chance or choice, one would take it.

Hoping is a (usually wistful) thought that reoccurs about something wanted; a sort of “if only… ”


Desire is a clear preference for something.

Planning is a sustained and disciplined pattern of thinking that creates the means to bring something into one’s life.

Intention is the psychic fuel that allows one to bridge the gaps between desire and planning and achievement.


So, don’t waste your energy on wishing, wanting or hoping.

Focus your energy on what you desire, the plan required to make it real and the intention required to start, continue and finish.

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