The Power of Visualization (and why it’s hard at first)

Picture yourself in your mind’s eye as having already achieved your goal. See yourself doing the things you will be doing when you’ve reached your goal. – Earl Nightingale

Funny thing about the mind: turns out it can’t really tell the difference between something that has actually happened and something vividly imagined.

Studies have shown that people who visualize something have similar brain activity to the someone actually doing the activity.

And, many of the neurotransmitters and hormones that are produced during actual activity get released as/after someone visualizes doing something.

The reason this matters is that you can use this to your advantage.

Anything we do repeatedly we do better, and then well (even if it’s “virtual” activity . . . ).

Have a challenging activity? Imagine yourself doing it – and doing it well. You can condition the fundamentals of success of the given activity.

Have a goal that scares you a bit? Imagine already having achieved it, and the benefits and growth you will have created.  The knowing that is created within will sustain you through the hard work of actually achieving your goal.

Is it sometimes hard to visualize? At first certainly. It can feel unnatural and contrived.

But like anything else, once you practice it it becomes easier – and you get better.

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