The Master Skill

As a human being* with both a cerebral** and a limbic*** brain, the ability to accurately, and resourcefully, interpret and assign meaning to events and circumstance may well be the master skill of living well.

*  *  *

How do you interpret and understand your life?

Its events and results and your thoughts and feelings?

Your life isn’t something outside of you, it’s the world you create with, first your thoughts, and then the feelings that rise from those thoughts.

*  *  *

* And, as human beings are meaning-creating and meaning-seeking creatures, this skill is so vitally important.

** The cerebral brain is the newest part of our brain: the part that thinks about thoughts and allows us to examine our experience.

*** The limbic brain – aka the emotional brain – is the part of our brain we share with our cave-person forebears. The limbic brain is extremely sensitive to environmental stimuli, values safety and security over all else and processes incoming slightly before our cerebral brain.

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