Variations on Gratitude

Today is the day in the USA when we give thanks. When we show appreciation for all we have. (Unfortunately many (lately) see this day as a day to buy more stuff . . . ) In the true spirit of the day, I offer you some thoughts and quotes. *  *  * Gratitude is up …

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The Master Skill

As a human being* with both a cerebral** and a limbic*** brain, the ability to accurately, and resourcefully, interpret and assign meaning to events and circumstance may well be the master skill of living well. *  *  * How do you interpret and understand your life? Its events and results and your thoughts and feelings? …

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The Three Ds

Discern. Distinguish. Decide. Just three words, but they are such powerful words. Mastering the true meanings of these words will have a huge impact of anyone’s life. What do these words mean? Discern Discernment is both the ability to aware of something and place it in context. The first part is awareness: you must have …

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The Lesson

Every calamity is a spur and a valuable hint. – Emerson In every experience there are two questions one can ask: #1 – Is there a lesson in this? #2 – What’s the lesson in this? Just asking Question One is a great step. A wonderful sign of willingness. Asking Question Two is what all happy, …

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What Happiness Is

Happiness is whatever we think it is. *  *  * Happiness comes from our Experience of Life. Our Experience of Life comes from our Emotions. Our Emotions come from our Thoughts. *  *  * What do you think?

Live Like The Champ

Do not count the days; make the days count. – Muhammad Ali Counting the days is splitting your time between the past and the future. Usually it’s wishing the days gone by were different and hoping the days to come are better. Living well and achieving is all about being-in-the-moment and making each moment – each …

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