What Money Does to People

The common idea that success spoils people by making them vain, egotistic and self-complacent is erroneous; on the
contrary it makes them, for the most part, humble, tolerant and kind. – W. Somerset Maugham

I said “money” in the title because I think that’s the key factor at play.

One of my limiting beliefs about money and success is that I’ll be an as$hol& if I’m successful.

The fact of the matter is that money only amplifies who you are.

If you’re a jerk, and you get more money, you’ll be a bigger jerk.

If you’re generous and kind, and you get more money, you’ll just have more ways to be generous and kind.

So, there you have it, I can go ahead and make lots of money. The only thing I need to do is make sure I focus on being a good person – money has no actual power of me.

Or you can . . . .

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