Weeding the Garden of Character

Character is like a garden.

It matters what you plant and how you care for it.

You must also regularly weed your “garden,” being mindful of non-resourceful habits (little or big) compromises and your standards.

If you let these things slip (i.e. you don’t weed your character garden), your character, and life, will suffer.

It also matters how you nourish those things you decided to plant (like the Values you’ve chosen to identify with).

The food you give to your garden must be healthy and sustainable; short-cuts will always get you later.

Also, if I can extend this metaphor even further, you must plant approrpiately for your garden. Only make commitments that are right for you. Be true to yourself. If you compromise yourself for others, or other things, your self-esteem will be diminished – and you wil suffer accordingly.

And, finally, know that gardens have seasons. Sometimes rest and recovery is important, other times call for new plantings and growth. Knowing the difference – for you – is critical.

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