Have Something Better To Do

I receive Hugh MacLeod’s blog updates and highly recommend you subscribe as well. One recently got my attention and reminded me of a favorite quote from one of my mentors (Thomas Leonard): “People do what they do because they don’t have anything better to do.”

Check out Hugh’s blog post here before reading on.

I can attest to the idea of being sucked into either 1) not having anything better to do, or 2) needing something to do (I believe we all can, if we’re honest with ourselves). I have found I have new levels of energy and initiative since I decided to ride to the four corners of America — I found something better to do.

What is the thing, or things, that would be better for you to do? What does your heart call you to do in this life? Lack of clarity (i.e. not knowing/admitting what you want and having a clear, flexible and achievable plan for its achievement) is the stumbling block for most (not a shortage of inspiring and meaningful desires).

Give yourself permission to want what you want. And start towards its fulfillment. Today. Now even.

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