Our Lives are Not Neutral

Our lives are not neutral, they are for something. Even if that something isn’t all that much.

Accordingly, carefully and consciously choosing what we want our lives to be about is a gift (potentially) to the World and all those we encounter. (What do you want to give . . . ?)

Not choosing has a cost. If you fail to choose, other things make the choice for you (over time): circumstances, inertia, other people’s needs, agendas and pathologies . . . .

When you choose a purpose — a direction for and the content of your life — you feed your soul and harmonize with the true nature of things. And it feels much better. And you’re much more effective, powerful and fulfilled.

Conversely, when you fail to choose, when you languish and stall, you suffer the effects of not being in tune with things. To the extent that well-lived life is rewarding and feels good, the aimless life feels the opposite.

What do I want my life to be about? What do you want your life to be about?

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