It’s Already There

The path to a better life is more of a mining operation than a manufacturing one. – George Pransky

What I think Pransky is saying here is that having a better life (which comes from being (behaving as) a better person) comes not from getting something from outside yourself or making yourself into something else, but from finding the amazing and pure and whole and loving and creative parts of you.

The parts of you covered by the sh!t of family, school, friend/peer and popular-culture conditioning.

The mistake so many of us — myself included at times — is that we need to be different to be better, or good, or loved.

That’s not true.

What we need to be is more what we really are.

At our core, we are perfect. There’s nothing to added or removed. Nothing to be fixed or upgraded.

It is only our behavior that need to be different.

When we behave better, we experience better.

There’s nothing to make, we need only reclaim our essence.

Sort of like mining: digging up a bunch of dirt and rock and removing the “sh!t” to reveal the valuable and precious.

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