The Necessity Of Flexible Goals

[Going through some folders on my computer today I found some blog posts that I had written (for a blog that didn’t exist . . . ) in 2006, and they’re actually not too bad; this one is from June:]

Goals are a bit of a paradox, albeit an easily managed one. Clearly knowing what you want, with measures of achievement and deadlines for accomplishment is key to success and happiness. There is something very empowering, and directing, about knowing what it is you want. It allows you to focus and be effective in each given moment.

People sometimes avoid goals though. Goals are sometimes seen as limiting, or intimidating and merely a source of future disappointment. I suppose that is possible if one takes a rigid approach to goals and/or has a negative self-concept.

Goals are a source of power and fulfillment when we approach them with flexibility. When it is okay to change the deadline, or re-state the goal — or even delete the goal in favor of another — goals serve us. The fact of the matter is that setting and working toward goals changes us, often evolves us. It stands to reason that we might want, or need, to adjust our goals as we change.

The key is knowing when to stick with a goal or a deadline, and when to make changes. Self-knowledge and self-esteem are valuable in making these sorts of decisions. When you know who you are, and feel good about yourself, you can (accurately) assess the feedback you are receiving from your environment and listen to your intuition (your gut, your body, how you feel) and thereby make choices about your goals that serve you. And don’t hesitate to get some help in making, modifying and achieving your goals — a coach is a great partner in designing and living an excellent (and happy!) life.

[Don’t ya love that last sentence!? I added it to the end of all the posts I wrote back then.]

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