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Forget Passion!

This week is the week of unwitting guest bloggers (i.e. where I blatantly rip off other people’s content because I’m too lazy to write my own stuff).

Today I steal from one of the greats, Seth Godin:

Turning passion on its head

Instead of, “do what you love,” perhaps the more effective mantra for the entrepreneur, the linchpin and maker of change might be, “love what you do.”

If we can fall in love with serving people, creating value, solving problems, building valuable connections and doing work that matters, it makes it far more likely we’re going to do important work.

So, instead of “finding your passion” (as if that was even possible!), just do what you do passionately.

Implicit in that is that you will naturally find yourself doing what matters to you (no one can do something meaningless for long).

The Lie That Keeps You Small

I subscribe to Steve Chandler’s e-mails (you should too).

Because I’m not feeling terribly inspired, but unwilling to not write a blog post, I am just going to pass along something recent from Steve:

Selling myself on “the way I am” keeps me locked in my own fearful childhood. I become heavy with a false claim of permanent personality. Heavy with the lie. That’s why becoming enlightened and growing up feel like the same thing.

Enlightenment seems to mean making yourself lighter. Many people actually lose weight when they become enlightened. As each lie is let go, we rise up, feeling lighter and enlightened by the process.

To throw aside the heavy lies we are struggling to carry around with us is to become free. Which is everything. It’s growing up. It’s growing lighter, higher, freer.

Immanuel Kant said that enlightenment is a person’s emergence from “self-imposed immaturity.” Self-imposed immaturity is when we deliberately lie to ourselves about being frightened children in the face of adult challenges. Instead of becoming brave men and brave women who are simply challenged by the tasks ahead. We do this because it feels easier, it feels more normal for us. In truth it is far more difficult and it is abnormal. If only we knew.

So, the question is: how do you lie to yourself?

How do you frighten yourself?

Let those fears go.

You’ll be fine.

You’ll be lighter.

Always. Be. Present.

Enjoy all you have while pursuing all you want. – Jim Rohn

There’s no point in pursuing anything if you can’t enjoy everything.*

Be where you are and enjoy everything – even the “bad” stuff (it’s there for a reason, and it’ll keep showing up until you figure out why . . . ).


* When I say “enjoy,” I don’t mean it (always) feels good like chocolate cake, but that everything is useful and valuable – even if just because it kicks your butt and you learn from it.

How Do You Measure You?

You can become an even more excellent person by constantly setting higher and higher standards for yourself and then by doing
everything possible to live up to those standards. – Brian Tracy

The best person you can compete with is yourself.

Strive to better each and every day.

*  *  *

Did you make a mistake today?

Learn from it and do better next time.

*  *  *

Did you say or do something, less than kind, or smart?

Apologize (if necessary/appropriate) and learn from it – and do better next time.

*  *  *

Did you . . . ?

Are you sensing a theme here?

Whatever happens (even “good” stuff), understand it and learn from it.

It’s how you get better (than you were before).

Never Stop Caring, or Trying

Sometimes someone else says it better than you ever can; with that in mind here’s a post from Seth Godin:

Forgive yourself for not being the richest, the thinnest, the tallest, the one with the best hair. Forgive yourself for not being the most successful, the cutest or the one with the fastest time. Forgive yourself for not winning every round.

Forgive yourself for being afraid.

But don’t let yourself off the hook, never forgive yourself, for not caring or not trying.

(You really must subscribe to his list, if you don’t already . . . .)