Mourning the of Death of (A) Possibility

Sometimes, something – a possibility, a glimmer of something that could be – pops up and we make it into what we want it to be, what, perhaps we need it to be.

But things aren’t what we wish they were.

They are what they are.

Sometimes, what we want and what something is the same. Great.

Sometimes, they are different. Great.

Both are opportunities for learning, self-development and personal truth-telling.

*  *  *

If we remember that, deep down, we are whole and perfect, there is nothing that can diminish us or make us less or small.

It is the chatter of our Ego that gets stuck on things not being exactly the way we want them.

As insistent as this voice can be, it’s an impostor.

What is real – what is true – is that events come and go and we are always free to live from our deeper self.

*  *  *

What shall I do now? Now that I have (begun to) come to grips with the reality of this particular situation?

Well, a key lesson is that I began to create a scenario based on missing, and important, information. Now that I have more (and perhaps sufficient) information I can better understand the situation.

I can imagine a different situation. I can muse about possibilities with a base level of accuracy.

Turns out I was fantasizing. I was imagining something that, given the circumstances, wasn’t really possible – and feeling some of the feelings that result from those imaginings.

I have been gifted a(nother) lesson in the curriculum of School of Thoughts, Feelings and Actions.

Now I can rise up a bit and see what happened and why.

I can ask myself what served me and my development and what didn’t.

I can ask myself if I’m willing to learn from the experience.

*  *  *

I am willing.

I am beginning that learning; this post is the first chapter.

*  *  *

P.S. What is wonderful about this is that with the passing of one possibility a different one has emerged. A possibility equally lovely and attractive. I look forward to exploring that with a bit more wisdom and a bunch more enthusiasm.

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