The Structure/Freedom Paradox

I read a Early To Rise newsletter (penned by Craig Ballantyne) recently that really put into sharp focus something I’ve thought about, and had an inkling about, for a while now: how do we get the things we really want to accomplish done and have more freedom? Craig states: “The More Structure You Have In Your …

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How To Be Free and Live Peacefully and Powerfully

We have a biological imperative to be safe, whole and injury-free. All stimuli is evaluated through the filter of past experience against this imperative. We have a similar mental imperative. Our biological imperative is known as the Survival Instinct, the mental equivalent is our Identity. Any change, or disruption, in our sense of who we are – our …

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I’ve been trying to write this post for a couple days now. I’m not exactly sure why I’ve been hesitating, but I have. Now, I want to get it done more than I want to hem-and-haw, so here goes. *  *  * Five. Hundred. Posts. That’s a lot. When I look back on the writing …

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Three Power Questions

As a coach I love questions. In fact, questions are coaching. It’s the willingness for the coach to be open to asking and not knowing that allows for the client to create their own answers – and the actions that follow. Here are three of my favorites: What do I really want? When you take the time to …

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The Nature of Desires

Aren’t desires bad? Don’t desires lead to suffering? Isn’t that what Buddha would say? If I recall, Buddha would say that cravings and attachments lead to suffering. Desires are a natural part of life. Properly understood* desires are healthy. Authentic** desires are healthy. *  *  * * To properly understand your desires you must know yourself, …

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