Who Are You Creating

People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds. It is something one creates. – Thomas Szasz

Saying one must “find themself” is such a mind-fudge.

As if who you are is out there, waiting under some rock or behind a tree.

Who are, and who you’ll become, is something you create, something you craft.

You make this thing called the you that isn’t yet, by what you think, feel and do.

If you want to create an amazing, wonderful, loving, healthy and wealthy self, then you must do the things that create that person.

To do those things you feel the feelings that generate those actions.

To feel those feelings you must think the thoughts that create those emotions.

So, in the end, as is always does, it comes down to what you’re thinking.

Maybe it’s different for monkeys and dolphins and kangaroos . . . who knows?

But for you and me and us humans, what we think is what matters.

Think better.

Think like who you wish to become.

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