What’s (Really) Hard

I was listening to (watching really; it’s available on YouTube) Michael Hyatt‘s podcast on his new book Living Forward (really excited to be meeting him at the VIP meet-and-greet at the book launch*) and something struck me. Many people think, and sometimes talk about, how hard it is to change. And it is really, really …

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Number One Thousand

Sometimes, when you add things up, they really add up. This is my 1,000th blog post. It’s been quite a journey. Ever since I noticed that the #1,000 was getting close (a couple weeks now), I’ve been wondering what sort of post it should be and what, if any, significance I might ascribe to #1,000. …

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Who > What > Why > How

What’s the formula for achievement? Where should we put our focus to achieve our goals? Interestingly, most people focus on how and what, usually in that order. At the very least they are increasing the time it takes for them to get what they want. *  *  * WHO The most important, and first, thing …

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Notice. Choose. Return.

The above is the formula for using your thoughts and emotions in a way that serves you. A practice of thinking, feeling and noticing that will allow to be more content, fulfilled and prosperous. What do the three words mean though? How could just three words mean so much? *  *  * I was driving …

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Learn to Love Without Belief

Did that headline get your attention? I hope so. Beliefs are so very important to our lives. They shape what we do, don’t do and won’t do. But where do beliefs come from? One way of understanding this very complex question is they come from those who raised us and our peer groups. Being part …

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When Patience Goes Too Far

Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and it’s cowardice. – George Jackson One of the great skills of life is discernment. It’s easy to tell the difference between black and white, hot or cold, up or down, . . . . But being able to tell the difference between patience and procrastination is …

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