What’s (Really) Hard

I was listening to (watching really; it’s available on YouTube) Michael Hyatt‘s podcast on his new book Living Forward (really excited to be meeting him at the VIP meet-and-greet at the book launch*) and something struck me.

Many people think, and sometimes talk about, how hard it is to change.

And it is really, really hard to change. (There’s functional reasons for this, that once understood, make change easier – by the way.)

But what’s really hard is to not change.

To continue on as we are, to, as Michael and Daniel (Harkavy, his co-author) would say: drift.**

To miss out on the life we could have had, a life of clarity and intentionality.

That’s what’s really hard.

I suggest you check out Michael’s podcast and learn more about life planning and how to not drift.

*  *  *

* I’m in Florida right now on holiday and made my plans such that when I drive back I get to stop by Nashville for Michael and Daniel’s book launch. And I get to meet Michael (a long-time virtual mentor… ), which I am very, very excited about.

*  *  *

** I would say “life-nertia” (the idea that in life, as in physics, we either stay stuck or keep going, just because it’s familiar and seems safe).

The truth is, though, that to stay in place we either need to be so weighed down or expend energy to “hold on” to stay in place or we just-keep-bumbling-along and end up in a place we don’t really want to be, having wasted time, energy and opportunities we either dismissed or didn’t even see.

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