Curate Your Desires

Is desire some thing beyond our control, or even influence? Something that arises from the ether of its own accord shrouded in mystery?

It’s fair to say that we understand the need to create plans to make our desires real – that we need to be intentional and deliberate in order to make what we want happen.

That’s all true.

But what about the desires themselves? The sparks of our longings and goals?

Are they things that just come to us? Or something else?

Can we create our desires just as specifically as the plans we make to fulfill them?

Yes. Absolutely.

In fact, desires do not just arise out of some hidden place offering themselves for our consideration.

Desires are curated. They begin as a spark and are formed into something greater, deliberately, over time.

The trouble is, we’re largely (if not completely in some instances) oblivious to this fact.

For the most part, in modern times, the most carefully crafted, most powerful desires comes from without.

From our family, our friends and popular culture (can you say advertising/social-media!?).

These desires are not – purely, if hardly at all – ours.

They may serve us, but likely they mostly, if not completely, serve others.

In the sense of desires (and our actions that follow) that are come from outside of ourselves, they are not always bad, and sometimes good (for us).

But, in many cases, highly curated – and powerful – desires come from those who have their own interests in mind.

Think advertising and it’s myriad tentacles.

But we can curate our own desires.

We can, just as surely as we can make a plan to achieve a goal, create and craft our desires.

Desires that serve us and our true nature and our authentic goals.

But we must be intentional and learn to distinguish well-crafted, persuasive desires that are not ours.

We must carefully and consciously create and curate our desires so that we make and achieve the goals that serve us.

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