Are You In The Cheap Seats of Life?

Imagine life is a concert.

Where’s your seat?

Are you in the middle of the lower level, about 30 or so rows back (one of the best places to hear music)?

Or are you way back? In one of the last rows, tucked in the corner?

Perhaps you’re not even inside the venue!?  Maybe you’re around the side, with your ear pressed to the building, hoping to hear some of the sound bleeding through the walls?

Maybe, even, you’re home, sitting in your chair, thinking “The heck with that! I don’t need to deal with the crowds, and parking and paying all that money just to watch something I can see on my TV at home.”

True. You don’t have to leave your house to watch a really good facsimile of live music.

But it’s not the same.

Remember how I asked you to imagine life was a concert?

Well, it sorta is.

To live a full, vibrant and engaged life, you must get out of the house.

You must be willing to pay the price of admission.

You must do the work.

Then, and only then, can you choose your seat.

You can choose sit in the front row of the mezzanine, where the sound is decent, you have an overhead view of the patrons and the performers aren’t too far away.

You can sit in the wonderful spot on the lower level, say 10 rows in front of the sound board (there’s a reason why it’s there, and why you want to sit a few rows in front of it . . . ) and get the best sound while not being too far from the stage.

Or you can sit up front where the truly dedicated fans are, the folks who just have to be as close as possible to the creation of the music. The live, spontaneous creation of something magical, just a few feet away.

Or you can be on the periphery of life, the guy outside with his ear pressed to the side of the building, hoping to hear something, anything.

Choose well. Get a ticket and get inside. Do the work and earn of one the good seats and really enjoy the show, I mean life.

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