Do What You’re Doing, When You’re Doing It

In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm… in the real world all rests on perseverance. – Goethe

When you’re dreaming, musing, formulating the future, choosing from amazing possibility . . . be enthusiastic.

Let your imagination run wild.

Many have said there is nothing you can conceive that you can’t achieve.

It’s true.

But many miss the absolutely necessary corollary:

Perseverance. Dogged determination. Just doing it. Making it happen.  Making something, not excuses.

Just don’t mix the two.

When you have your dream, your vision of your desired future, your choice from the field of amazing possibility, you must work.

Work, work, work,  . . . .

You must persevere.

It’s as if creation is a coin with two sides and no edge.

It is one side or the other.

Joyous, unbounded enthusiasm for what you want to create or dogged, loving commitment to making each bit of the whole real.

Be sure to keep each separate, both in the thinking and the doing.

When it’s time to imagine: imagine.

When it’s time to work: work.

Do each from love.

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