The Only Thing That Is Ever Actually Missing

Are you frustrated by something? (Love it. It will transform.)

Wish your spouse or partner was different/better/nicer? (Love them. They will “change” before your eyes.)

Hate your job or business? (Love it. It will become something all together different.)

. . . [insert your version of the above]

Can’t do it?

Can’t love “it” or “them?”

Then love yourself.*

You deserve to have things and people you love.

(When you love yourself you will both be an example to those around you and in a better position to bring things and people “closer” to you, and thus closer to the love you are in better and better touch with.)

Whatever or whomever, loving is the answer.**

*  *  *

* You can only give what feel for yourself and know is real. (And don’t worry, you’ll learn the difference between self-love and narcissism and being self-ful and self-ish as you authentically explore this idea.)

** For the only thing that is ever missing is love.

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