The Three Things

In terms of dreams/goals/desires there are only three variations:

1) Things You Want

2) Things You Don’t (Really) Want

3) Things You Think You Can’t Have

*  *  *

Just stating that’s there’s a mere trinity of “things-we-want” is likely to rub some the wrong way.

But it’s true.

Let’s take #1: Things You Want. This is a small number. Especially in contrast to #2.

Unfortunately, things that are really #1s, are mistakenly categorized as #2s and sometimes tragically slotted as #3s.

Sometimes, people allow family and social pressure and cues to mis-categorize things as #1s, when they’re really #2s.

*  *  *

Now, #2: Things You Don’t (Really) Want. These are things that we complain about, that drain us energy and joy and (if we continue to do them or keep them in our lives) rationalize to no end.

If we just told ourselves the Truth about these things we could release them or negotiate them out of our lives.

Of course, there are a great many things that are well and truly #2s. Knowing this is very empowering. We can better focus on what we want and transforming the things we think we can’t have, by increasing our understanding of #2s.

*  *  *

Finally #3: Things We Think We Can’t Have.

Amazingly enough, if a #3 is truly a #1, then there’s absolutely no reason we can’t have it in our lives.

We just think we can’t have it.

And because we (just) think we can’t have it, we easily change that – because as powerful as thoughts are, they are just thoughts and can be changed.

*  *  *

I want you to think about what’s in your life, specifically:

How clear are you on what your #1s are? How much time do you spend thinking and strategizing about your #1s?

What’s are you doing/keeping/maintaining that’s really a #2?

What do you know, deep down, is a #3? How can you make it a #1?

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