Variations on Gratitude

Today is the day in the USA when we give thanks. When we show appreciation for all we have. (Unfortunately many (lately) see this day as a day to buy more stuff . . . )

In the true spirit of the day, I offer you some thoughts and quotes.

*  *  *

Gratitude is up to each of us:

When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself. – Tecumseh

*  *  *

What you focus on, increases:

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough. – Oprah Winfrey

*  *  *

Know that others can help rekindle your sense of thanks; allow this:

Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light. – Albert Schweitzer

*  *  *

The abundance of the World is not without responsibility:

We can be thankful to a friend for a few acres, or a little money; and yet for the freedom and command of the whole earth, and for the great benefits of our being, our life, health, and reason, we look upon ourselves as under no obligation. – Seneca

*  *  *

Awake. Stay awake:

Keep your eyes open to your mercies. The man who forgets to be thankful has fallen asleep in life. – Robert Louis Stevenson

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