More is Not (Necessarily) More

I’m a bit of a coffee geek.

Meaning: I take great interest in the making of coffee. I’ve learned about such things as proper bean grinding, water sourcing, the nuances of extraction and optimal brew temperature.

One lesson I’ve been a bit slow to learn is portioning of beans.

Sometimes I do a bit more and the coffee is a tad bitter, or not mild. Some may like it that way, but I know when coffee is too weak and when’t too strong.

Neither is good.

When I measure three level tablespoons of beans for the grinder the coffee is wonderful.

But sometimes I add a little more, usually making the last scoop a rounded tablespoon – responding, rather unthinkingly, to some unconscious feeling that it’ll be better if I put in just a bit more . . . .

That coffee is never as good as it could be.

It’s too strong, a touch bitter.

What I’ve learned, and resolve to put into practice, is that the right amount is the right amount.

Sometimes more is not more.

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