Al’s Lamp

We’ve all heard about Aladdin’s Lamp . . . you know, you rub the lamp and out comes a Genie who grants you three wishes.

I want to tell you about a similar lamp, but it’s Al’s. Yes, you still rub it, and a genie does come out, but 1) he’s dressed a bit more conservatively and 2) the wishes are different.

There’s still three wishes, but they’re not for anything you want.

Instead, you can wish for three things that you know you could be, do or have, given enough work/time/help/resources.

Also: part of the Genie’s power is to help you see to the depth of your Soul and tell the Truth about what you truly want to be, do or have.

So, what would you wish for?

If you knew what you truly wanted to be, do or have, what would you wish for?

*  *  *

What’s stopping you from going for those things now?

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