It’s Up To You

Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself. – Ancient Chinese Proverb

As a coach this is something that I occasionally encounter: working with a client who says they want to change, but doesn’t take action (or takes incomplete action).

It’s important to understand that change is hard. We are genetically programmed to avoid (and even fear) change.

In cave-people days, the “bar” wasn’t very high: if something didn’t kill you it was functional/useful. (And if it was “good,” all the better . . . .)

Nowadays, at least for most of us in the “West,” we are far beyond mere survival.

But the ancient programming is still at work below-the-surface.

The anti-dote is greater Awareness.

A better understanding of our thoughts, and how they give rise to our feelings and emotions.

A better understanding of what we want, and why.

A better understanding of what is required to achieve our goals, and the day-by-day tasks required.

When we understand these things, we can take small, consistent actions towards what we want and who we want to be.

Whether your teacher is a book, or a movie, or friend, or a coach, or even a powerful experience, it is you that must walk through the “door.”

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