One Way Coaching Works

People make the best decision they can with the information they have available, and do the best they can with what they have.

On its face the above isn’t that controversial, but do you believe it’s how things work?

Do you think it’s how you live your life?

I would argue that it’s the only way any of us live our lives – and it’s a foundation of where I come from as a coach.

Let’s break it down.

First, people do make the “best” decision they can, even if it’s not the best decision.

Second, by definition, people are using the information they have available, even if it’s (in the “grand scheme” of things) incomplete information (and it’s not all the information they truly have).

Finally, people do their best with what they have in each instance, even if it isn’t the best they could do, or isn’t even moral or “good.”

How does apply to coaching? Simply put, coaching is (largely) about: 1) giving you more and better resources (distinctions, practices, information and otherwise); 2) growing your capacity to make better decisions in each moment and 3) helping you develop the habits of mind and body that will allow you make better decisions (all the time… ).

How we think and act is a continual process. Therefore, it is an ongoing opportunity.

We can either continue to do the safe, known things we have, or we can engage in an effective process of examination, inquiry and adjustment and make intelligent and authentic changes.

Our lives are result of that choice.

Curious about coaching? Read below (the last paragraph in particular… ):

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