Is THIS Getting In Your Way?

It’s the people around us who shape us and our behavior. Ask the BIG question: “What do you want to achieve in life?” And then think, “Are the people I’m hanging around helping me achieve this?” – Craig Ballantyne

This is one of the most difficult things to ask yourself.

Humans are social creatures and we need people.

We are genetically programmed to seek the company of others – loners generally perished in pre-historic times.

Fortunately, nowadays, our survival is so difficult.

Unfortunately, we still unconsciously run some of the routines of our cave-man forebears.

The key is get clear about who is in your life and why.

You don’t have to “dump” all the people who don’t seem to have it all together (I mean, do you have it all together right now?).

But you do have to identify the doubters, the complainers, the energy-vampires and the Eeyores and inoculate yourself from their influence. And you do need to dis-engage from some of those folks.

Once you’ve done this you can seek out the folks who can help you to rise up. Not by giving you anything, or doing anything for you, but people who – by their example and words/beliefs – help you to see the potential and power within you.

I say for every Eeyore/Doubter/Chronic-Complainer you dump, add a high performer to your circle* and for every person who doesn’t bring you up, but you want to keep around for some reason,** find a way to love them (for their humanity) and not need any validation from them.


* Make sure you have some place you “go” regularly that is predominately high-performing/high-quality people; it’s better if you interact with them in-person.

** I am speaking mainly of family here . . . .

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