Have To vs. Get To

Some people have to do things.

They “have to go to work.”

They “have to  pick their kids up.”

They “have to [insert the onerous, terrible task].”

There’s two levels of dysfunction here:

1) What about people who don’t have jobs? What about people that would love to have kids?

Does anyone think they would say they “have to?”

2) How have these people so lost touch with the things they have chosen?

Are there any guns-to-peoples’-heads here?

*  *  *

The truth is language shapes our world.

And we each have our own “world,” our own Reality.

Don’t think language matters?

The next time you see your boss’ boss, tell him/her that what they said at the last meeting was the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard and to go f-&* themselves.

An extreme example, but words are powerful; both in our heads and without.

The next time you hear yourself saying “I have to,” stop for second and ask yourself: “Wait, don’t I get to do this?”

The more you that, the better your life will get. (Oh, you’ll get better at recognizing the true “have tos” and start saying a pleasant and firm “No” to those.)

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