Shift to Service

Sometimes I come across something so useful/compelling/interesting that I need to share it in its entirety.

Below is one of those things (and it doesn’t matter if you’re a sales-person or entrepreneur or work in a corporate setting or the non-profit sector, or . . . ):

In most of our professional relationships we stay focused on ourselves. We’re fascinated by how we’re “coming off.” We’re constantly monitoring what the other person must now be thinking of us. We live as if we were surrounded by mirrors. It is miserable.

When we shift our focus to the other person in the relationship, something paradoxically powerful happens. Spencer Johnson, author of “The One-Minute Sales Person,” calls it “the wonderful paradox: I have more fun, and enjoy more financial success, when I stop trying to get what I want and start helping other people get what they want.”

Thank you Steve Chandler for sharing this.

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