Fear and Passion

I am interrupting my watching of Seth Godin on Jonathan Fields’ Good Life Project to explore an idea Seth presented. Brother Seth was talking about how people begin things and how whether they are 1) afraid and 2) if they care impacts what happens (if anything).

I had an idea to map the idea, using a quadrant model, to see what could be learned.

(Please know this is a very rough, raw idea… )

Lower Left Quadrant: High Fear – Low Passion

Not much happens here because there’s no incentive to act (passion) and fear is high.

(Imagine sitting in your car, with the ignition Off, with your foot pressed down firmly on the brake.)

Upper Left Quadrant: High Fear – High Passion

Something might happen here, but not as much as possible. Creation and progress are hobbled at every turn when fear is high. And, the experience is terrible and un-healthy (because one is afraid all-the-while).

(Now you’re in your car, simultaneously pressing down on both the accelerator and the brake… you’ll probably move, but not much, and the physical cost to the car will be great.)

Lower Right Quadrant: Low Fear – Low Passion

Very little will happen here, least of all any fulfillment. People who live here are so out-of-touch with who they are and what they want that they merely survive, passively. I believe there is something that is an “art” for each of us, something we are uniquely created to do; it could be anything, but it is something.

(Here you’re in the car, ignition on, transmission in Drive, no brake, but no gas… you might move forward slowly, if your car doesn’t stall.)

Upper Right Quadrant: Low Fear – High Passion

This is where the magic happens – and a magic that is an accessible, everyday phenomenon that we all can create.

When we are passionate about what we want to create in the World – no matter what it is – we honor the opportunity we have to live and do service for those who benefit from our genius.

And we all have genius. It comes in a special unique way for each of us, but it’s there.

(Obviously, this is where things really happen… you’re in your car, in-gear, foot pressed down on the accelerator and you’re moving forward with clarity, purpose and direction!)

So, in terms of how you’re living, which quadrant do you spend most of your time?

How can you reduce fear and increase passion?

How can you nurture and share your Genius?

The World is waiting for you, and hoping for you…

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  1. Matt –

    Reading along I can see the power of this four quadrant model! As an individual, I love to live in the upper right quadrant. When I’m there I’m working on my purpose and in alignment with my values. I have to admit however that I do shift into the upper left on occasion when I think “I can’t” or “I’m not enough”. Perseverance through the fear is what helps get me back on track. If I freeze and downshift into a place where I don’t feel capable, that”s when my passion dies too. Staying connected to my network and supporters enables me to power through the doubt, shed fear, and do the work I’m meant to do.

    Thanks for laying out this perspective and way of thinking!

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