Live Your Life (Not Vice-Versa… )

Are you living your life? Or is your life living you?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.

I have come to see life as a (potential) wonderful gift and opportunity. A chance we get to revel in the beauty of each moment and to use our amazing minds and bodies to do “stuff.”

I say stuff because we need not be doing “grand” and “amazing” things all-the-time, but we are well-served by noticing and enjoying the extraordinary opportunity that is our human life.

That said, are you living your life?

Are you clear about what you want your precious life energy to be spent on? Are you – for the most part – spending your time, clearly and purposely, on activities that serve your values, goals and larger vision?

Or is your life living you?

Are you merely plodding along, reacting to demands as they arise? Have you ceded control of your days to forces outside yourself? Are you just doing what you need to to get through the day? Day after day… ?

I plan to explore this question more in the future, but for now allow me to plant the seed.

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