Fate or Choice?

Are our lives the result of fate or do we choose our lives?

Are we consigned to what our circumstances (/our pasts) allow for in the unfolding of our lives, or can we create our lives, can we be willful?

I just watched an interesting video from Marshall Goldsmith that offers a (hybrid) answer: Yes.

I found Marshall’s point (that both play a role) interesting and useful.

What’s most exciting to me is that this hybrid answer offers us a wonderful opportunity to 1) consciously create our lives (and understand the power we have to make our futures) and 2) to understand the role that our environment plays in our lives (and that we can make a numbers of choices in regards to our environments to shape them).

Either/Or thinking is seldom useful or correct (and sometimes dangerous).

When we understand the power we have, and the power of the things around us, we can make wise choices about what to do and what we (tolerate and) embrace around us.

What are you choosing? Does it serve you?

What’s around you? Does it serve you?

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