The Voices In Your Head

Is the voice in your head the Voice of Reason (which serves you) or the Voice of Reasons (which acts like it protects you, but really just makes excuses and holds you back)?

I wrote that a while ago and it still holds up.

We have both “voices” in our heads, but one is louder (because we pay more attention to it) and the other weaker (both in volume and authority).

*  *  *

The Voice of Reason sees things clearly and completely.

It sees both the rational and incorporates the emotional.

It’s your voice of Truth

*  *  *

The Voice of Reasons is an impostor.

It’s some combination of Ego, fears and the entreaties of family, friends and (popular) culture.

It doesn’t, won’t and can’t serve you.

*  *  *

Learn to listen for your Voice of Reason.

An amazing life of joy, peace, abundance and truth is waiting for you.

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