Do Your Best

“You get the best out of others when you get the best out of yourself.” – Harvey Firestone

No one will follow, willingly and to the best of their abilities and capacities, someone they don’t believe in. People recognize character and integrity, and even more easily, its absence.

Before anyone — be they a CEO, parent or spouse — can ask others to do their best, they must be doing so themselves. Doing your best isn’t being perfect. Nor is it accomplishing everything you set out to do, exactly as you planned. And it’s (certainly) not being better than others.

Your best is simply that. The most you can do at any given time with the resources you have available. Intuitively we all know what we’re capable of, but we often fail to start because we’re afraid to fail.

But there is no failure. Every action creates a result. It may not be the result you want, we call that feedback — an invitation to learn, adapt and act again.

Your best isn’t perfection, it’s doing what you can do in each moment. Your best is being willing to start, knowing that you may not accomplish everything. Your best is taking action and learning. Over and over and over again. Your best is being better than you were (even if it’s just a little bit better).

Do your best — it’s the right thing to do (always . . . even if your best kinda sucks at the moment).

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