Your Mind Is a Projector

. . . and not a camera.

We project our thoughts and “sense-of-things” onto the World.

Nothing in the world is stressful, or difficult, or complicated or beautiful, elegant or amazing.

As Shakespeare said: “for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

We think we see things, but we really just see what we think things are.

Yes, our eyes can sense objects in space and process waves of sound moving through the air, but Michelango’s David or Mozart’s 40th is nothing but what our minds make it to be.

Just as the mess in your child’s room or the sound of your boss’ voice is not a sign of their laziness or how crappy your job is – they just are.

Until you – consciously or otherwise – decide they are “something,” they are no more “anything” than the trillions or other things that just are (but you don’t notice at any given instant).

The point here is that if things are what you make them, what are you making them into?

Are you using your powers of observation and perception for good, or evil?

Does what you make of “things” serve you and those around you, or . . . ?

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