The Opposite of Creation

In life, the opposite of creation is not destruction, it’s victim-hood. “Huh?” (you may say). In life, we can choose to be responsible for our lives and create through our choices, or play the victim and allow life to wash over us all the while lamenting the unfairness of things and wallowing in passivity. Put another …

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Find Challenges

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. – Zig Ziglar If we’re not growing we’re dying (we’re dying anyway, but don’t let that get in my way here… ). When we seek and surmount challenges we get better. We become more confident and sure of ourselves. Isn’t that what we want? Is that …

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“I’m a failure.” I failed. Things didn’t turn out exactly like I thought at the outset. I learned something about my goal and my choices along the way. There is no such thing as “failure;” everything produces results. I have examined my inputs (thoughts, beliefs, exclusions, inclusions, emotions, moods, choices and non-choices) and results. I …

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Resolutions Are Crap

Did that get your attention? I’m not doing any resolutions this New Year. They don’t work. But what does work? That’s a great question.* *  *  * * One that I work on all the time.

Don’t Change*

Stop trying to change. You are perfect** the way you are. Your business is perfect** the way it is. Your team is perfect** the way it is. All you need to is EXPERIMENT. Experiments never fail. Change efforts do. Experiments are always successful. Just get clear on what you want and experiment with methods. Notice …

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Why Clarity Matters

To paraphrase Vince Lombardi, it’s hard to be successful when you’re confused. *  *  * Get clear on what you want and pattern of actions required to create what you want. Act each and every day, always looking for what works and what doesn’t. Improve your actions until your reach desired state.

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