How Are You Great?

I recently challenged myself to be willing to ask myself and clients: how are you great? Not in a bragging or self-aggrandizing way, or a narcissistic way, but in a genuine, human way. A way that acknowledges – and embraces – the perfection and limitlessness of our pure spiritual self, and knows that how we manifest as …

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Everyone Has A Ceiling

The level to which your career or business develops will never be higher than the level of your personal development. If you want more success: more money, more time, more energy, you must develop yourself. *  *  * Believe it or not the title of this blog post was difficult for me to write. I am …

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Success Is Simple

In a way, life – and success – is simple. When you’re clear about what you want – and it’s what you deeply, truly, authentically, want – and you have a flexible, iterative and properly supported learning process for moving towards your goals* all you need do is the work. The day-in/day-out work. And that is easy enough if …

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Expectations and Agreements

One of my mentors (Steve Chandler) offers a powerful distinction useful in just about every area of life: expectations vs. agreements. Most of us have expectations. Expectations about how life should go and how people should behave. Invariably, many of these expectations are not met. As a result we are disappointed, frustrated and upset. We …

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