Success Is Simple

In a way, life – and success – is simple.

When you’re clear about what you want – and it’s what you deeply, truly, authentically, want – and you have a flexible, iterative and properly supported learning process for moving towards your goals* all you need do is the work.

The day-in/day-out work.

And that is easy enough if you get the “deeply, truly, authentically” part right.

We are made to do “the work.”

We are made to use ourselves for something worthy.

This world and our lives are gifts.

Honoring these gifts is what energizes us. It makes us feel as if there’s a reason for it all.

We are made to serve. To give of ourselves and receive from all sorts of places – without expectation.

When we are aligned with who and what we (truly) are there are no problems, only challenges and opportunities (and irrelevancies).

So, there you go. Success is simple. Just know what you want and design the best possible plan and process you can at the outset and get to the doin’.

*  *  *

* Now, it may have sounded like I was over-simplifying things here, but it is very possible to develop that framework, to come from that place – it’s what I do as a coach. I work with my clients to get clear about what they want and help them create and execute an authentic, flexible, iterative and supported plan to get it. Want to know more? Click here.

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