Life Without Coaching & Life With Coaching

I was listening to Tripp Lanier interview Mark Divine on his New Man podcast (good stuff… ) and Commander Divine talked about how life is sort of like business, or the economy, in that it’s a progression, over time, with peaks and valleys.

Life – but certainly not a successful, satisfying, joyful, useful life – can be linear and predictable.

Normal, standard, “acceptable,” conventional lives might be linear-ish, but they are certainly not lives worth living.

To make this point visually, and to show how impactful coaching can be, I found a graph showing the Dow Jones Index over time.

I want you imagine the the first graph is a okay life, one without any real risk, or aspiration, and one where the person never gets any coaching:


Healthy Person without Coaching


You can there’s some little ups-and-downs, but no real spikes or valleys – and no real growth over time.

This is the sort of life many people live.

But there’s a different way. A way where you get some outside help. Where you enlist the services of someone who is expert in creating long-lasting, positive change. Someone who will help dig deep and find out exactly what you want in life and help you create a plan that will get you there.

Imagine you’re living the life below, and ’95 is when you hired a coach… you’re life might look something like this:


Someone Who Uses Coaching


Now that’s a life.

Sure, there’s more ups and downs, but that’s what life is for. Life is for taking intelligent risks and sometimes failing. But as you can see above, failure is never fatal.

The life pictured just above isn’t reckless and foolish, but it is bold.

When you know you have the support of someone who won’t accept your excuses and desire to play small and safe, you live more – more deeply and more fully.

I caution you not think of the graphs as representing only money. Imagine the graphs show how much you lived, and loved, and contributed.

If you look at the first graph, you can estimate that it would have risen to 8,000 or so by ’13, and that would be okay.

But if you want the kind life that gets to 16,000 in the same time-frame, you do what so many high-performers do:

Get. A. Coach.

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