Everyone Has A Ceiling

The level to which your career or business develops will never be higher than the level of your personal development.

If you want more success: more money, more time, more energy, you must develop yourself.

*  *  *

Believe it or not the title of this blog post was difficult for me to write. I am someone who believes that we have amazing, perhaps unlimited, potential.

But we often hold ourselves back. (I know I do . . . .)

We settle. We dither. We procrastinate. We go for what we know we can get. We tell ourselves “this is good enough.”

Such thinking, and believing, is at best unfortunate, often tragic and certainly mis-guided.

We must strive for excellence – as we define it.

We must take action and learn and fail and grow.

We must be willing to act, even if we’re unprepared, or tired, or cranky, or . . . the time is always Now to move.

We must face ourselves and admit that this isn’t good enough. That we, and our family, and our co-workers and our community and our nation and our World deserve better – they deserve our best.

If you want to make more money and have more time and energy you must get better.

You must put in the time and effort and work.

You must be willing to re-make and re-create yourself over the course of your life.

And you must do it now. And now. And now. And . . . .

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