What People Want From Leaders*

Trustworthy. Respectable. Admirable. *  *  * Leadership, more than anything, is a personal relationship between leader and led. It’s not a hierarchical relationship, where one person has power and the other none. Sure, a leader must be technically savvy and proficient, s/he must know “the business,” but at its core, its most fundamental, leadership is …

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What Are You? Really?

I don’t normally “quote” such lengthy bits, but I wanted to share the following (from an e-mail I received from Dave Booda) to 1) get you thinking and 2) ask you some questions. ***** I’d like to share some good news. You are not loved. You are not safe. You are not whole. You are not …

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Don’t Wait, Be Great Now

A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier. – Tom Stoppard The great thing about stepping up and creating a great attitude within yourself, about modeling behavior, is that it confers (at least) two benefits: one you get to feel better and be more effective when you focus …

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Smooth Roads or Suspension?

I recently read a (nother) brilliant post by Seth Godin, one piece of which was about resilience. It got me to thinking: is better to have ultra smooth roads and cars with no suspension, no shock absorbers, or to build cars with resilience? Which would be a more intelligent use of resources? Living in the …

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How Choice Works, Really

You can’t make people change. You can’t make yourself change. People make choices based on the best information they have available, according the concerns most pressing at the time. What’s more, we biologically constructed to resist and avoid change. Change equals the unknown. And we have deep genetic programming to avoid the unknown and stick …

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