Learning vs. Improving

Learning is not improving. Learning is critical and vital for achievement and success, but by itself it’s not enough Improving is taking what we’ve learned and putting into action. Improving is applying what we’ve learned to make things better – to make our lives better and the lives of those around us, and with any luck, …

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Knowledge is Not Power

It’s merely a component of power. Knowledge is no more power than flour is a cake. Flour, with other specific ingredients, combined in a specific order and manner and prepared in a particular way, results in a cake. So it is with knowledge. When you combine knowledge with other key ingredients, such as awareness, intention …

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Freedom & Happiness

Doing what you like is freedom.  Liking what you do is happiness. – Frank Tyger They are both important. Are you doing both? Either?

Give Feedback, and Go Beyond It

It is irrational to expect someone to change his or her behavior based on nonexistent feedback. – John A. Allison I’ve often heard, and sometimes said, “You can only fix the problems you know about.” While I could go into awareness and the importance of paying attention and asking good questions, I’d rather alert you …

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