Which Type Are You?

While no classification system is perfect, or complete, they can be helpful to make distinctions.

While reading an eBook the other day I came across one that characterized people as either: Spectators, Losers or Winners.

I recoiled a bit at the particular word choice and thought I could improve upon it. With that in mind, here’s my three:


Spectators are those who are, for the most part, just watching life.

Sure, they are participating in “life-like” activities (working a job, paying a mortgage and raising kids), but they aren’t really in-the-game of Life.


A resister is someone who is out-of-sync with life.

Someone who wishes the world was different, or they were different or that others would be different (or some combination of all three) (but does little to change anything… ).

Resisters waste a lot of energy. Energy that could be devoted to creating what they want.


Finally we have Owners.

Owners take responsibility for their lives. They take ownership of what they have and don’t have.

They don’t blame themselves (or others), instead they understand and live the truth that our lives are what we make them.

Owners are creators.

They know that what happens isn’t an accident – it’s a creation. And, as far as their lives are concerned, they are going to create as much as they can, with intention.

*  *  *

These categories are not absolute, and they are certainly not permanent.

We can be one type in one area of our lives and something else in another. We can be all three depending on which are of life we focus on.

Heck! I’ve been all three. (But, if asked, I’d have to say I have been equal parts Spectator and Resister – at least in the areas of my life that don’t work.)

The point is to understand who we’re being in the different areas of life and do more owning and less spectating and resisting.

Ask yourself:

Am I just watching this?

Am I wishing this were different?


Am I going to act intelligently and authentically here, adjusting my approach as I gain feed-back?

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