The Greatest Tragedy

It seems as many of us act as if death is the greatest tragedy.

It’s a mistaken view.

The greatest tragedy is not living while you’re alive.

So many of us, myself included at times, “half” live in a state of muted fear. We live in a smaller, chastened way that keeps us from many things.

This default state of playing-it-safe keeps us from what matters.

It keeps us from serving the world, from serving those whose gratitude will remind us of the beautiful perfection of our souls.

This one thing – this service – is what we need to continually reacquaint ourselves with the best part of us.

Service doesn’t have to be grand, or your “purpose” or your “calling,” it can be something simple, something basic.

It just has to be getting out of your smaller self, your Ego-self and participating in the World.

Do that.

Serve, and you will experience fear less and less – and more and more you’ll be truly living.

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